Fees set to rise later this year.
what did you really expect

hmm, I think I know even less about web development than I did a decade ago, which is impressive if you think about it. Anyway, there's still not really a website here!

If you'd like to contact me, though, nago@trimex.us ought to do the trick.

If you'd like to not contact me, that's probably also fine (but then why are you here?)

I'm on facebook and twitter and g+ and snapchat and signal and probably you already knew that and got sick of me calling gwb a war criminal so you unfriended me. Hey, I get that!

There's some trimex stuff like a facebook group (that we don't use) and a last.fm group (which we have not used in a decade) and an irc channel (which we also don't use) but there is a discord which we use! You're welcome to join us.

my rod is so big, so long and so purple there is nothing my rod cannot do